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Find out more about all the sessions on offer during the MEFIT Summit! 

Michael Cummings (SKLZ, Trigger Point)

SESSION NAME: Unbreakable

In this workshop we will re-define the current understanding of the “core” and learn new techniques that match newest research on how it functions. You will learn 3-Dimensional strength training strategies that will result in functional and unbreakable clients. We will show progressions and regressions, so that you can use these techniques on various clientele. We will identify and emphasize a stable mid-line as we dive deep into strategies promoting proximal stability and distal mobility. This course will give you the tools necessary to teach your clients how to be grounded through posture, balance, and functional strength.


SESSION NAME: The Secret Weapon

Everybody knows that warming up is important. But few know just how important it really is. It is often the most overlooked block in a training session. If it is done, it is often rushed, mis-managed or generalized. In this workshop we will cover the 2 components or phases of warmup, with their 7 subcomponents. Research has shown that following this taxonomy can result in a 30% increase in performance gains, and reduce the likelihood of injury by nearly 60%. At the end of this workshop you will know the components, sub-components and where they fit in your program based on your clients goals.


SESSION NAME: Activate, Innervate, Regenerate

This workshop is a 3-fold step-by-step approach to enhance your clients training session resulting in Optimal performance and Injury Prevention. We will first learn how to activate by priming the system (up-regulation) prior to a training session, workout or competition. Next, we will add complimentary modalities that will help innervate and intensify the training block by “bio-hacking” the body’s nervous system. We will engage concepts such as breathing, reciprocal inhibition, proprioception, mechano-transduction to accomplish our goal. Finally, we will learn techniques and procedures to down-regulate the system, post exercise, to expedite the recovery process with regenerative strategies.

SESSION NAME: Plyo Agility and Cognitive Agility

Plyometric exercises are one of the key components of power development. They are also important in preparing your body to tolerate forces and reduce injury. Agility is comprised of various multidirectional skills, important for every-day tasks and tasks at the highest level. In this workshop we will combine plyometric and agility movement patterns for increased efficiencies, effectiveness as well as a new novel approach at helping our clients reach their goals. We will also learn about cognitive training and create interventions targeted at improving cognitive “motor” abilities. Many of our clients have a difficult time mastering tasks because of faulty body mapping or body awareness known as “smudging.” In this workshop we will combine agility patterns with cognitive training techniques to reorganize and create new pathways through neuroplasticity to help our clients normalize and move better.


SESSION NAME: Hips Don't Lie

There is arguably no more important region of the body than the hips and pelvis in regard to movement. The hips are very complex and the more we know about them the easier it becomes to navigate and program. In this workshop we will learn strategies that encompass stability, mobility, strength and dynamic expressions like plyometrics and speed. We will also learn pre-training and post training strategies.


SESSION NAME: Performance Coaching

Learn to enhance human performance through functional movement. In this course we will uncover world-class integrated strategies for improving human movement. This course will address multiple considerations that affect our ability to help clients move well and perform at their highest level. Our functional movement techniques will help you up-grade your clients performance and lives. You will learn how to build a balanced athletic training program complete with training phases and blocks and their concomitant components and exercises. Bring a pen as we will begin to build a custom program together.


SESSION NAME: Develop a Foot Fetish
We will cover foot mechanics, health and strength. Learn some self foot massage and strengthening exercises.


SESSION NAME: Faults and Fixes to most common exercises - Squat, Pushup and Row

A breakdown of the most common exercises we see performed suboptimally. Hands-on practice with cueing to improve the execution of your movements.


Learn a unique way of cueing shoulder blade control. Eliminate shoulder and neck pain by applying this control to your movements.


SESSION NAME: 6 Things You Cannot Do

Test yourself on the 6 most common faults we see in movement patterns and learn the steps to improving them.

Dennis Dumphy (Stick Mobility)

SESSION NAME: So You Think You Know Core Strength

Core strength is so much more than just showing your six pack abs and doing crunches. Do you know how to strengthen the deep front tissues that truly give you a bullet proof core? Come experience how StickMobility does core strengthening.


SESSION NAME: Do You Even Rotate?

We know that power lives in the transverse plane. The movement of our bodies and the world around us are dependent on rotation. Why then are we so sagittaly dominate in most of our workout programs? Discover how it feels to unlock your rotational abilities and increase your bodies overall performance.

SESSION NAME: Single Leg Resiliency

Walking is an approximately 70-80% single leg movement. Running is 100% single leg movement. Is your training preparing you for this? Is that bilateral dependency leaving you unilaterally deficient? StickMobility will help you improve your ability to handle the stresses of single leg movements and improve your overall performance.


SESSION NAME: Fascial Line Mobility

What are fascial lines and why is it important that they’re mobile? Don’t allow decreased range of motion to prohibit you from increasing your overall performance. Find out how StickMobility can help you increase your bodies ability to lengthen and strengthen its fascial network.

Paul Edmondson (Gray Institute | Institute of Motion)

SESSION NAME: Connection - How to Truly Connect and make Group Training really Social

Learn how to ‘connect’ and make group training really ‘social’ using movement (not muscles) and playing with ViPRs


SESSION NAME: 10 Ways to Progress and Regress

10 ways to progress/regress exercise to meet your client where they need to be met” - and be fully functional in the process... take away 10 options of how you can take any/all exercises and be more specific, more progressive, more regressive and be the ‘artist’ in exercise selection for your client that you always wanted to be.


SESSION NAME: Science based solutions to soft tissue health and performance

How to enhance your recovery, increase your soft tissue hygiene/performance using the latest techniques ‘science and research’ says about SMR/Foam rolling strategies

SESSION NAME: Biomechanics of Walking, Jogging, Running and Sprinting

"Increasing running performance, for better distance, time and bullet proofing against injury…..”

Looking at the biomechanics of walking, jogging, running and sprinting, but focusing on optimal running technique, we talk posture, cadence (speed), what is required from the human foot, the entire body and a good shoe?!?

 We look at the barefoot vs ‘shod’ (in shoes) debate and answer using science and research"


SESSION NAME: "Training Pyramid" Hyperthrophy, Strength and Power

Rethinking the training pyramid! “I learned Endurance precedes hypertrophy, followed by strength and power - this session will introduce a foundation phase/movement phase to add to that pyramid to ensure everyone is successful, resilient and moving as a healthy human should first and foremost


SESSION NAME: The Real Lowdown HIIT, Steady State, Metabolic and Programming for Success

The fitness boom at current time Is programming fitness outcomes at the cost/expense of health - learn why, and how to have them both.

Switch DXB 

SESSION DESCRIPTION: Switch & Co is Dubai and Hong Kong’s coolest app to discover, book and pay for all things fitness, wellbeing and leisure - pay-as-you-go, on-demand with video content enabling you to experience an activity before you go.
Switch will have a FULL ON fitness schedule programmed specially for you, expect a variety of different workouts all day for 2 days. From a hardcore HIIT workout to yoga, we got you covered.

Book your sessions via the Switch DXB App HERE

Farel Hruska

SESSION NAME: Glorious Glutes

Glute strength is the key to low-back health! With a vast majority of human-kind sitting far more than they ever have, inactive glute syndrome is prevalent and low back pain is on the rise. Review this issue, the anatomy, and relationships of the hips, glutes and lumbar spine...then put it into practice with a "glorious glute" activating workout!


SESSION NAME: Movement for Working Women

Our working women population is making amazing strides in business and life but at what cost to their health? Understand the postural changes and compensations that develop with a sedentary profession and ways to get moving for life and health! Discover the top tips to incorporate movement into your or your client's busy career.

SESSION NAME: The Female Lumbo-Pelvic Complex

It's complex AND it's crucial to stabilize and mobilize! In life, work and sport; the lumbar spine and pelvic complex is the source of power and stabilization...all at the same time. Where and how do we stabilize AND where and how do we mobilize for optimum power and health?


SESSION NAME: Build Teams For Maximum Impact

Find, train and build a team of passionate and dedicated trainers/instructors to make your business THRIVE! Your people are your tribe...get super powerful tips to create a team that lives and breathes your passion!

Brian Keane (The Fitness Mindset) 

SESSION NAME: Mastermind your clients and help them succeed - Diet Stickability

A step by step guide on behavioural psychology and creating sustainable diet programs based on the individual.

SESSION NAME: Building Your Brand, Starting an online business and never look back

How to use social media, podcasts and blogs to market your brand. We will also cover the three introduction points to moving your business online (bespoke programs, semi scaled programs and fully scaled program)

5 Things Every Personal Trainer should know

The 5 things you need to know as a personal trainer to give the absolute best service to your clients. Also the things to avoid that are a waste of time, energy and money. 


Build your likes - Social Media Strategy - Pro's & Cons

Defining who your perfect customer is and then creating a social media strategy on where their attention is. 

Dan Duran (PTA Global)

SESSION NAME: Osteo-Fascial Engagment™ Going Beyond SMR

Enhance your corrective exercise capacity to instantly change someone’s movement! Self-myofascial release has made a massive impact on our industry. It is like brushing your teeth. However, as we advance in science and technology, we as Fitness Professionals must continue to add to our deliverables to separate ourselves from the pack. Osteo-Fascial Technique™ (OFE™) is the next evolution. It is like flossing your teeth. Its ability to instantly change movement is an overwhelming value-add for your client’s and prospective clients. Come and learn how this technique works and immediately implement its power to change your clients


SESSION NAME: Play Your Way to Increased Revenue

PLAY has been around forever. It means different things to different people. Even though everyone does it and it is supposed to be 'fun', not everyone likes to PLAY the same way. How do we know which type of PLAY to use? Join me as we explore different types of people and PLAY. You’ll leave knowing how to match the right type of PLAY to the right person to enhance anyone’s exercise experience and keep them coming back for more!

SESSION NAME: Loading Lines with Calisthenics

Is there another way at looking at muscles and programming?Is the traditional chest, back, arms, legs, shoulders and core really our only choice?Our bodies are designed to mitigate physical stresses over large areas and they do so very efficiently using myofascial lines.Calisthenics have been around forever and are a tried and true method of training with body weight and minimal equipment to enhance muscular and aerobic conditioning.Let’s load the lines, have fun, and learn how to look at programming for calisthenics a DIFFERENT way!


SESSION NAME: Start them Young: Training the Youth

Training children as young as six and into their teens can be not only a very rewarding experience, but a profitable one too!Children come with both low and high motivation and skill levels. How do you train each youth individually to get the most engagement and ensure parental support? How do we train these youngsters safely and effectively while retaining their attention span? Attend this session and learn!


SESSION NAME: 3DC: A Formula for modifying movement for personalized training

PTA Global’s “3DC” is the 3-Dimensional Checkpoints – is a system for progressing, regressing and manipulating movement/exercise for any client.This was a product of the Gray Institute’s brilliance with movement. This will teach FitPros to adjust movements to “physically match and emotionally attach” exercise to the client.

Ricky Warren (Body Weight Gurus)

SESSION NAME: Calisthenics, a beginners Masterclass

A beginners Masterclass covering biomechanics, progressions and technique for iconic calisthenics moves


SESSION NAME: Squat Mobility, improving active range of motion and joint control for squat variations

improving active range of motion and joint control for squat variations


SESSION NAME: Handstand, a guided walk through a total system for achieving handstand

Guided walk through a total system for achieving a clean Olympic handstand

SESSION NAME: Mixed Martial Arts Conditioning

A play based approach to mixing martial art systems and how to condition the body to perform better in those functions


SESSION NAME: Hip Rehabilitation

Assessing and rehabilitating the hips based on pain rehab, reducing injury risk and increasing performance

Ziga & Gregor (Younix)

SESSION NAME: WHAT THE HECK with Kettlebell Swings and Snatch!

Swing is the basic exercise for all pulling exercises where hip hinge is the primary movement and snatch is one of the best exercise for developing explosive strength and endurance in the posterior chain. We will teach you step by step how to progress from two-handed Swing to one arm Snatch with all the small details and progressions in between.


SESSION NAME: Fix Ya Barbell Clean

Are struggling with clients that can’t fix the clean or you are having trouble to stand up from the clean yourself? There are many reasons why you or your clients are stuck performing this movement. In this presentation we will go trough the 8 most common problems you might be facing and we will show you how to fix each one of them.

SESSION NAME: S&C Barbell Press, Push Press & Power Jerk

When it comes to the press, push press and power jerk, there are just about infinity details you can consider. As a coach teaching clients how to progress from one lift to another it can become overwhelming and it is easy to make the mistake of jumping to the power jerk to quickly. By following a simple order of priorities – position, movement, speed and load – you will get familiar with a learning framework for barbell overhead basic movements that you can apply immediately to your coaching skills.


SESSION NAME: Bullet Proof Endurance with Kettlebell

Kettlebell is a unique tool. We can use it for developing all 10 fitness qualities, one of them being cardiovascular endurance. With the right approach we can challenge the right energy systems. Kettlebell allows us to move effortless, efficient and economically, so we are not limited to only anaerobic work. With special designed plan, which allows the coach to follow client’s progress, one can develop bulletproof endurance, while also getting stronger.

Fathy Harris (Matrix)

SESSION NAME: MX4 Cardio, Power, Strength & Endurance Sessions

A totally unique group exercise experience, engages and retains fitness enthusiasts like nothing else.

Only the MX4 Training System combines Matrix-exclusive equipment and original turnkey programming in a way perfect for the club environment. MX4 addresses multiple aspects of fitness — Cardio, Power, Strength and Endurance — in a unique, motivating and results- driven multi-modality framework featuring forward-thinking products like our Connexus Functional Training System, S-Drive Performance Trainer, Rower and Krankcycle. You can easily modify the programming to fit the diverse needs of your members and scale the program to fit small groups, large groups and everything in between.

Danny Bartlett (TRX)

SESSION NAME: TRX Reveille (Morning Workout Session)

Start your day with purpose. 

TRX & ZUU combine to deliver a HILIT session that will leave you stronger, more resilient and prepared to face the day with confidence. 


SESSION NAME: TRX Speed & Power for the Masses

Power and explosiveness are essential yet largely overlooked elements of every client's training program! This workshop explains how best to apply these advanced athletic training methods and key strategies to train power and explosiveness in ALL clients and athletes


SESSION NAME: TRX Obstacle Race Training

Obstacle-based races like Desert Warrior and Spartan are now hugely popular. This workshop will increase a trainers awareness of the crucial variables involved in obstacle course racing. Learn effective programming, key exercises using the TRX Suspension Trainer and progressions for mobility, strength and power.


SESSION NAME: TRX Fusion - Straps n Sticks

Combine the proven functional strength and stability qualities of Suspension Training® with the dynamic speed, power and rotation of the TRX Rip Trainer. Learn the essentials for each modality and then put them together in an unforgettable fusion workout

Ainsley Rodriguez

SESSION NAME: Mastering gut health for a healthy living
Your gut bacteria and the integrity of your gut lining strongly affect your health. Learn more about the gut and protocols to enhance your mood, digestion and overall quality of life

SESSION NAME: Building a social media presence
Learn how to build & monetize your social media presence and increase your business online


SESSION NAME: Flexible dieting
Learn what the flexible dieting lifestyle is and how to change your mindset around food

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