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Pre & Post Summit Courses



Fix Yo Self


Taught by Andrew Dettelbach & Mike Wasilisin

Gain full body strength, awareness, and learn to fix yo' self at our half-day, hands-on, workshop. 

You'll learn body movement from head to toe, understand the 6-checkpoints taught in the MoveU online program, and gain the motivation you need to improve your body for the long run. You will apply release techniques to your body to help improve your alignment.


You'll apply these checkpoints to everyday movements such as sitting, standing, squatting, deadlifting, etc. and be moving better and feeling amazing by the end of the workshop.

Whether you're limited with pain, a fitness coach, healthcare professional, or anything in between – this educational seminar will improve your life for the better.


AED 1,280

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Stick Mobility

Level 1

13/11/2019 to 14/11/19

Taught by Stick Mobility Co-Founder Dennis Dunphy.

The Level-1 Certification will revolutionize the way you train personally and with your clients. This system will enable you to take your client’s movement quality and fitness to the next level. We will show you simple and effective ways to enhance mobility, body awareness, coordination, and strength with the combination of leverage, irradiation, articulation, and isometrics that will unlock the inhibited movements that prevent optimal function and health. 


AED 2,200

Brian Keane

Business Builder Seminar 


Taught by Brian Keane​.
What you'll learn:

  • Lead Generation: How to generate more leads and finding your perfect customer  

  • Social Media: How to leverage social media to build your business. This includes strategies and tactics to build your brand through Facebook ads, Instagram Stories/Influencers or podcasts 

  • Pricing: how to design a pricing strategy that maximises your revenue and service quality 

  • Strategy: Here we will focus on reverse engineering (working backwards) from your end goal and designing the perfect workday that best supports that vision.  

  • Creating Online Programs: Moving your business online or creating an online service as additional revenue stream.

  • Time Management: How to manage your time by batching jobs, doing deep work and separating creative vs. reactive tasks to become more productive i.e. being productive vs. being busy  


AED 1,150

Untitled design.png

Farel Hruska

Pre & Post Natal programming


Taught by Farel Hruska.

This Prenatal & Postnatal Workshop is an 8-hour course to prepare personal trainers and group ex instructors for both understanding the pre and postnatal body, as well as, exercises for throughout pregnancy and into her life as a new mom. 


AED 730

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Ricky Warren

Mobility Instructor Certification

17/11/2019 to 18/11/2019

You'll be taught by mobility expert Ricky Warren.

Learn the Principles & Techniques for:

  • Neural Tension, Blockages, Breathwork and Reflexes

  • Self-Myofascial release

  • Joint Rehabilitation

  • End Range Conditioning

  • Application through Strength and Conditioning  


AED 2,000

Untitled design (2).png

PTA Global

Dan Duran: Exercise & Stress Management 


Taught by PTA Global Vice president Dan Duran.

The PTA Global Exercise & Stress Management Credential is the most holistic corrective exercise system in the industry.

You’ll discover one of the most complete and practical tools ever designed to personalize your training business and help clients get the results they are paying for: 

The Daily Readiness Observation (DR.O). 


The DR.O is designed to any methodology so you don’t have to change what you do only enhance it. You can immediately begin to use this scientifically backed process on every client, for every session. It will uncover the physical, mental, emotional and lifestyle stressors that are affecting them and holding them back from getting results.


AED 1,990

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