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My role as a Neuromuscular Therapist & Former Merrithew Lead Instructor Trainer for the STOTT Pilates & Fascia Movement Modules has been to keep abreast of this ever-evolving field, understand the research and then translate it so I can educate my clients & students to ultimately move more efficiently, understand the impact of their exercise choices and how to alter their lifestyles to ensure the longevity of the body and its systems.
You will get an insight into why we’re moving away from the traditional Biomechanical approach and moving to the more modern understanding of anatomy which is reflected in the Biotensegrity & Fascial model. It’s through these new concepts we’ll be able to apply better strategies to our training & pre/rehabilitation methods.
Paul will be delivering the below topics on 7th and 8th October:
Is Living Tissue Designed to Be Stretched?
The Mythical Core - Myofascial  Lumbar Integrity Reimagined

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