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The WELLNESS Approach to client transformation

Type: Theory

By Marina Pavlenko

This workshop will include a breakdown on how to approach any transformation from a holistic perspective. We will look to approach this by starting with the basics such as behavior change and getting the client to understand their WHY from a deeper level. We will then break down the journey from the start to finish, beginning with is the client ready for the transformation, or do we need to start by simply optimizing the health including building an aerobic base. From there we will delve into programming considerations such as mobility, flexibility, and movement capabilities. We will discuss how to optimize recovery, including HRV, stress management, breathwork, the importance of sleep, and correct nutrition.

The counterintuitive psychology of human motivation

Type: Theory

By Peter Turner – 2BLimitless

How to maximize the motivation of clients and close the gap between what knowledge you can teach them and how they behave. Leveraging the same skills to deepen the trust you have with clients, make more impactful sales calls with prospects, and elevate yourself with the application of high-performance coaching techniques.