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Having a background in a variety of disciplines like calisthenics, capoeira, yoga, and movement, I always had a passion for approaching the health and fitness industry from a holistic perspective. I have spent years researching the best methods to keep the body healthy and strong, learning from the best mentors like Ido Portal, Joe Muscolino to name a few.

My method of coaching combines the best integrative programming that allows my clients to achieve their best quality of movement, strength & mobility, but also to learn fun skills (like handstands!). To look good on the outside we must begin looking good on the inside, and so my coaching entails all aspects of integrative health and fitness to keep my clients looking & feeling great. When we look at the industry as a whole, we mustn’t forget mental & emotional health, understanding the subconscious programming & nervous system, nutrition, and mindset to name a few - If we are looking for longevity in our clients, then encompassing and not forgetting the above is the only way that can provide that longevity.

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