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TRX for Hypertrophy

Type: Practical

By Miguel Vargas - TRX

We know the TRX Suspension Trainer is a great tool for building strength. This workout will lay the foundation for your strength training goals! Get ready to feel the burn!


Building Muscle While Losing Fat. Is It even possible?

Type: Theory

By Benjamin Siong – Australian Strength Performance

We have all seen, heard and known someone who has religiously gone through those ‘Bulking’ and ‘Shredding’ phases to achieve that final desired physique. Yet, the big question remains: Is that the only way to optimize body composition? Do we have to undulate calories to such extreme, and there contraindications to this technique. In fact, we will examine whether leaning out and build muscle can happen simultaneously or are they mutually exclusive? The seminar takes an in-depth look into the science of this dieting practice, highlighting it’s pros and cons, as well as offering more effective solution for optimal body composition from

an aesthetic and more importantly a health perspective.

Periodization for Physique Transformation

Type: Theory

By Benjamin Siong – Australian Strength Performance

Periodization is the science of programming. While this should form the base for every training program so as to individualize training effects and accelerate results, it's often ignored in body composition and fat loss programs. This seminar will touch on the different models of periodization, relating them to how we can utilize them effectively to transform physiques for the general population. We will identify what variables should be considered in constructing effective programs and how they can be applied practically and immediately, not just in theory nor only to elite sports.