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With over 10 years of coaching over 10,000 athletes of all levels and 13 years of playing football professionally, I have a deep love for understanding what impacts our wellbeing as human beings. My main drive is to be able to impact as many lives as I can positively. This has inspired me to study the science of performance training, how we move in our day to day lives, what impacts our movement on all levels, and to better understand the psychology behind what impacts us as humans, how we form our decisions and how our emotions are made.
I’ve built Egypts Top Performance Training & Fitness Brand (IGNITE) and we now consult for the top athletes, Clubs and their teams in Egypt and across the world.Through that I have worked with the top clubs in Egypt and Africa, helping them build systems for their teams, how to understand where their players are, draw a vision to where they want to take them, and what tools to use to be able to do that as fast and efficient as possible.

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