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Functional Training

Explore the Core – A Spinal Perspective.png

The core is the center axis around which we move. It is the foundation of all movement and allows for the expression of functional strength and movement in life and sports. As understanding of the human movement system evolves, so too must training application. There is a time to be stable and rigid, but there is also a time to be maneuverable and agile. This session explores how to bring this concept to life so clients can access and train aggressively within both ends of the spectrum.

Session Type : Hybrid

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Foundation First_ Kettlebell Fundamentals before Movement Mastery.png

When learning to teach kettlebell fundamentals to beginners or people looking to improve their kettlebell skills there's many ways to start but we generally start with the wrong foundation which can lead to incorrect movement patterns and frustrated clients. This session will give you practical tools to achieve a easy fool proof system for teaching foundational kettlebell skills that will carry over efficiently to all varieties kettlebell movements and skills.

Session Type : Practical

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Movement Made Better.png

This session will introduce you to Stick Mobility and how we go about making movement better.
Combining a strong flexible stick with the scientific principles of leverage, stability, irradiation, and feedback along with the strengthening benefits of isometrics, can improve your quality of movement. Our goal of elevating one’s body awareness, coordination, and tissue/joint quality will lead to improved overall performance and resiliency.
You’ll learn the fundamentals of the Stick Mobility system and experience joint-by-joint mobilizations, strengthening the kinetic chains, and stretching those restricted lines that prevent us from optimal movement quality.

Session Type : Practical

Rotational Power and Strength.png

Whether you are weekend warrior or competitive athlete, power in rotation is key to better performance. All movement is dependent on rotational capacity in the joints and being able to coordinate them in big movement patterns in the transverse plane will produce powerful motions. Do you have the ability and body awareness to access that power? Come learn how Stick Mobility uses leverage and isometrics to help unlock that potential by connecting the body from the feet to the hands.

Session Type : Practical

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