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Acclaimed Physiotherapist and international lecturer Daniel Lawrence is a British Physiotherapist with a clinical background in both sport and general healthcare settings both within the national health service and private sector.
He is the author of ‘Lower Limb Tendinopathy’ and ‘A Practitioner's Guide to Clinical Cupping’ and currently serves as European Director of Education for the popular RockTape and Trigger Point brands.
His YouTube channel ‘The Physio Channel’ continues to serve as a great resource for therapists around the world. When not engaged in some form of physical therapy related activity he can be found on the beach in the southwest of England where he lives with his wife and two children.
Daniel will be delivering the below topics on 7th & 8th October:
Back in Action – A three stage spinal strategy for recovery and protection
Dynamic Posture Taping for FitPros – Changing Movement Patterns
Knee surgery? – Perhaps not! – Evidence & Exercise for needy knees
Shoulder Solution – Learn some new strategies to quickly reduce shoulder pain

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