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TRX Functional Moves for Functional Athletes

Type: Practical

By Miguel Vargas - TRX

You know what the TRX straps can do for athletes! Find out what happens when you pair a TRX and other functional training tools together. You get a strong, explosive, and functional athlete! Join us for this session and bring it back to your club for great results!


Program Design for Sports Performance

Type: Practical

By Ken Miller – National Academy of Sports Medicine

All athletic endeavors need varying levels of strength ranging from stability to power. Strength Coaches and Personal Trainers need to be able to design programs that give the athlete what they need for injury prevention and performance enhancement. This workshop will give insight on research and modern-day strategies on how to achieve everything an athlete needs to be both competitive and durable.

Strength & Power

Type: Theory & Practical

By Hussein Abdeldayem

What is Strength and how does strength impact us in our daily lives and in our sports? In this workshop, we will learn the fundamentals of strength training for athletes. How we break down movement, how we train movement vs muscles and how that affects your performance in your sport. We will also learn the relation between strength and power and what links them to each other.


Type: Theory & Practical

By Hussein Abdeldayem

What is Speed & Can we Improve our speed? We will learn the proper mechanics for running, understand what impacts our speed and how we can improve our running speed. Through understanding and applying a couple of principles in our training regimen, we will be able to translate it to a faster you.

Breathing: The Game Changer For Improving Sports Performance

Type: Theory & Practical

By Nestor Balart – Ballistics Breathing

  • The key to physically perform at your highest potential y understanding pH balance: Bring in Oxygen & Carbon Dioxide Removal.

  • Tapping into “The Rev System”:

  • Breathing Frequencies

  • Lung Volumes

  • The Match with the Zonings

  • Nose vs Mouth

  • Advanced Breathing Mechanics.