SATURDAY 8.30AM - 10.00AM

Program Design for Sports Performance

Type: Practical

By Ken Miller – National Academy of Sports Medicine

All athletic endeavors need varying levels of strength ranging from stability to power. Strength Coaches and Personal Trainers need to be able to design programs that give the athlete what they need for injury prevention and performance enhancement. This workshop will give insight on research and modern-day strategies on how to achieve everything an athlete needs to be both competitive and durable.

Knee Surgery? Perhaps Not! Evidence & Exercise For Needy Knees

Type: Theory & Practical

By Daniel Lawrence – Rocktape

Knee surgery is not always the best solution for knee pain but what is? This session will teach you practical methods to reduce pain and inspire confidence. We will discuss; Is it ok to squat with knee pain? Is twisting the knee harmful? How many repetitions should we do? Will tape really help in the long term? How can we manage a meniscal injury? Featuring; RockTape, Sklz, RockFloss, RockPods.

Transform Your Clients To Athletes

Type: Practical

By Miguel Vargas - TRX

You know what the TRX straps can do for athletes! Find out what happens when you pair a TRX and other functional training tools together. You get a strong, explosive, and functional athlete! Join us for this session and bring it back to your club for great results!

10 Strategies to Lose Fat and Keep It Off!

Type: Theory

By Benjamin Siong – Australian Strength Performance

The growing fad of fat loss has no doubt risen to popularity but is cluttered with controversy and confusion. From exercise machines and diets to supplements and even medical protocols, each one claims to be able to provide the best solution to this issue. Yet what we see is that while some may experience initial fat loss results, more often than not, these are the same people that eventually gain the weight back and more. Our quest for this magic bullet to look and feel good naked, leads us to questions such as “Is spot reduction actually possible?”, “Does nutrition determine up to 80% of fat loss?”, and even “Can I zap cellulite away with this cream?”. These are all valid questions given the array of information we’re given through advertising. In this lecture, we aim to put all these questions and so-called ‘myths’ to rest through a more in depth examination of physiology supported by empirical evidence and clinical application. Delving into physiological concepts like effective fat mobilization and utilization, gut and microbiome health, and even hormonal balance, we examine one’s ability to effectively lose fat from a wider perspective; one that is more than just about programming and calories. Specifically, the lecture will cover 10 methods to optimize fat loss physically, physiologically and through intervention.

Diastasis Recti and Exercise

Type: Theory

By Zena Habi

الانفصال العضلي و التمارين الرياضية


  • What is Diastasis Recti?

  • ما هو الانفصال العضلي؟

  • General postnatal training guidelines.

  • إرشادات عامة عن كيفية العودة لممارسة التمارين الرياضية بعد الولادة

  • Breathing and how it strengthens your core.

  • دور التنفس بتقوية عضلات الجذع

Mixed Martial Arts for Fitness

Type: Practical

By Marcos Rossi – Team Rossi

This workshop follows the “MMA for Fitness” Training principles and its main objective is for the attendees to be able to create an innovative circuit training using Mixed Martial Arts techniques and skills. The training works on basic MMA movements and challenges participants in multi-planar directions, and all exercises are taught in detail, then incorporated into exciting and dynamic workouts for you to experience and transfer to your private and group training clients.

SATURDAY 10.15am - 11.45am

Fun Conditioning Blasts for The Anti-cardio Client

Type: Theory & Practical

By Wendy Batts – National Academy of Sports Medicine

Traditional cardio not cutting it for your clients? Well, this session is guaranteed to be a hit when working with your clients. When it comes to cardio, typically most attention is given to individual exercises or activities but we're going to take it a step further by integrating cardiorespiratory conditioning right into client training programs. In this interactive workshop we will focus on the importance of cardio, review concepts of proper muscle activation with increased speeds of movement, and practice techniques that you can implement immediately with your clients to help reach their goals.

The 4 In 1 Training System

Type: Practical

By Aaron Laurence – Ybell Fitnes

In this session, participants will explore the benefits of using YBells - the innovative 4-in-1 training product - vs. the tools it is designed to replace. Participants will learn how to achieve more with YBells by implementing techniques that will raise intensity, improve techniques and increase safety when using this dynamic and versatile tool. There's more than meets the eye when applying YBell to resistance training. This session is designed to give you a sneak peak into some techniques used to create better performance when using the YBell.

DNA Active - Train to your Genetic Potential

Type: Theory

By Scott Larsen

Session Description to follow

Shut the Duck Up! Mental Strength to perform at your best

Type: Theory

By Pete Cohen

In this talk Pete explains the real meaning of resilience: to use adversity to leap forward and really step up to meet the challenges life and work throw at us every day. Using his iconic model of ‘duck talk’ and powerful but effective tools, he shares how anyone can become truly resilient. 

Audiences will discover how the quality of their life comes down to the quality of their self-talk. By becoming aware and listening out for the voice of their inner-genius, they will learn to become aware of what they say to themselves and how to change the rules.

(Session In Arabic) احصل على هضم صحي HEAL YOUR GUT

Type: Theory

By Asoo Palany

Fix your gut and brain 

اصلاح الجهاز الهضمي والدماغ

-Connection between brain and gut 

مالعلاقة بين الدماغ والجهاز الهظمي؟ 

- How to tell the cause of your gut problem 

ما هوالسبب الرئيسي للانتفاخ وتحبيس السوائل ل 

- your doctor doesn’t know anything about gut health 

-طبيبك لا يعرف كيفية اصلاح الجهاز الهضمي 

-gut healing diet protocol 

- شفاء الجهاز الهضمي بالنظام الغذائي

-gut healing supplement protocol 

-شفاء الجهاز الهظمي عن طريق المكملات الغذائية

Self-defense for Everyone

Type: Practical

By Marcos Rossi – Team Rossi

“Self-defense is a countermeasure that involves defending the well-being of oneself or of another from harm.” This workshop is created for individuals with basic or no knowledge of martial arts, or previous experience. The session will take you through martial arts movements – for body posture and balance improvement, basics of anatomy – to learn body targets, and how to avoid and get away from people with inconvenient behavior. All techniques will be transferable to use and enjoy with your 1:1 and group training clients.

SATURDAY 12.00pm to 01.30pm

Balance: Walking the tightrope of stability and movement

Type: Theory & Practical

By Ken Miller – National Academy of Sports Medicine

The need for balance isn’t just about holding steady when walking on an unstable surface.  Balance is a coordination of every major joint in the body and a reflection of their ability to work well together. This workshop reviews and practically applies the different techniques that progress and enhance balance from daily activity to on-field competition.

Shoulder Solution – Learn Some New Strategies To Quickly Reduce Shoulder Pain

Type: Theory & Practical

By Daniel Lawrence – Rocktape

Be primed and ready for your next client with shoulder pain. This workshop will introduce a fantastically logical assessment and treatment framework that allows you to quickly determine the best approach for each individual patient. This presentation has been popular around the world so don’t miss it here at MeFit22

TRX For Elastic Resistance

Type: Practical

By Miguel Vargas – TRX

Discover the potential of Resistance Band Training for each phase of a workout. This innovative session teaches an arsenal of effective strength band exercises for the movement prep, performance, and cool-down phases of training.

Building Muscle While Losing Fat. Is It even possible?

Type: Theory

By Benjamin Siong – Australian Strength Performance

We have all seen, heard and known someone who has religiously gone through those ‘Bulking’ and ‘Shredding’ phases to achieve that final desired physique. Yet, the big question remains: Is that the only way to optimize body composition? Do we have to undulate calories to such extreme, and there contraindications to this technique. In fact, we will examine whether leaning out and build muscle can happen simultaneously or are they mutually exclusive? The seminar takes an in-depth look into the science of this dieting practice, highlighting it’s pros and cons, as well as offering more effective solution for optimal body composition from

an aesthetic and more importantly a health perspective.

Breathing for a stronger core تنفس لجذع أقوى

Type: Theory

By Zena Habi

  • Breathing, the 1st step to reactivate the core postnatal التنفس، أول خطوة لإعادة تفعيل عضلات الجذع بعد الولادة

  • What is a neutral pelvis? ما هو الحوض المحايد؟

  • How to prepare the body for effect breathing exercises? mobility and releasing exercises تمارين الموبيليتي والتحرير التي تسبق تمارين التنفس

  • What comes after breathing? ماذا بعد التنفس؟

Do You Even Swing?! Kettlebell Clinic

Type: Practical

By Natalie Safa

The swing is a strength and conditioning exercise that utilises the hip hinge movement, explosive power, balance, and control to shift the object through the desired range of motion. The swing can be done with one or two hands. In this 90 minute practical workshop, you will learn the different variations, progressions and regressions that you can incorporate in your client’s (or your own) training program.

SATURDAY 02.30pm - 04.00pm

Importance Of Proper Glute Training

Type: Theory & Practical

By Wendy Batts – National Academy of Sports Medicine

​From elite athletes to the general population, much attention is given to the performance of the gluteal muscles as they play an integral role during nearly every dynamic movement of the body. A bridge between the upper and lower body, proper glute training is paramount to success in any rehab, fitness, or performance program. This session will explore factors that contribute to less-than-optimal glute function, review current research on the best methods and techniques to maximize glute performance, and take you through simple exercise circuits that you can use right away!​


The need for speed هل من الممكن زياده سرعتنا؟

Type: Theory & Practical

By Hussein Abdeldayem

What is Speed & Can we Improve our speed? We will learn the proper mechanics for running, understand what impacts our speed and how we can improve our running speed. Through understanding and applying a couple of principles in our training regimen, we will be able to translate it to a faster you.

So You Think You Know Core Strength?

Type: Practical

By Ryan Thomas – Stick Mobility

Core strength is so much more than just showing your six-pack abs and doing crunches. Do you know how to strengthen the deep front tissues that truly give you a bulletproof core? Come experience how Stick Mobility does core strengthening.

Breathing: The Game Changer For Improving Sports Performance

Type: Theory & Practical

By Nestor Balart – Ballistics Breathing

  • The key to physically perform at your highest potential y understanding pH balance: Bring in Oxygen & Carbon Dioxide Removal.

  • Tapping into “The Rev System”:

  • Breathing Frequencies

  • Lung Volumes

  • The Match with the Zonings

  • Nose vs Mouth

  • Advanced Breathing Mechanics.

The New Mom’s Guide to Post Natal Exercise

Type: Theory & Practical

By Gemma Ovens - Post Natal Fitness

Lots of mums want to return to exercise post baby but are unsure where to begin. This session will help you understand and provide basic exercises for mums to help them begin their postnatal journey. We will discuss running post baby as well pelvic floor and Diastasis recti considerations.

SATURDAY 04:15pm to 05:15pm

Phase 1 Stabilization Training: The First Step to Strength

Type: Theory & Practical

By Ken Miller – National Academy of Sports Medicine

When your exercise program can get you to stand upright, address muscle imbalance and reduce joint stress, Congratulations! You have created a program for Stabilization Training. This level of training is necessary when creating the foundation for progressions into strength and power development. This workshop will discuss and practically apply NASM’s Optimum Performance Training (OPT) Model for programs that serve everyone from novice exerciser to seasoned athlete.

YBell Mobility and Strength Training

Type: Practical

By Aaron Laurence – Ybell Fitness

This practical workout session will consist of mobility (MOB) and strength (S) focused exercises and pods where you'll be exposed to the versatility of the YBell as a fantastic, 4-in-1 tool. The multi-grip design allows you to switch between traditional pieces of equipment which leads to much wider array of exercises, movements, and training styles.

ما هي القوة ؟ Strength And Power

Type: Theory & Practical

By Hussein Abdeldayem

What is Strength and how does strength impact us in our daily lives and in our sports? In this workshop, we will learn the fundamentals of strength training for athletes. How we break down movement, how we train movement vs muscles and how that affects your performance in your sport. We will also learn the relation between strength and power and what links them to each other.

ما هي القوة وكيف تؤثر علينا القوة في حياتنا اليومية وفي رياضاتنا؟

في هذه الورشة ، سوف نتعلم أساسيات تمارين القوة للرياضيين. كيف نقسم الحركة وكيف ندرب الحركة مقابل العضلاتوكيف يؤثر ذلك على أدائك في رياضتك. 

والقوة الانفجارية وما يربطهما ببعضهما البعض.سوف نتعلم أيضًا العلاقة بين القوة وا

Green Smarts – What You Should Know On A Plant Based Diet

Type: Theory

By Benjamin Siong – Australian Strength Performance

With the recent launch of the documentary “Game-changers”, many have adopted a plant-based lifestyle. Perhaps it’s the science that has been cited, the compelling storyline or even the ethics of it, but to many, it appears that the need to 100% plant fueled is somewhat non-negotiable. Yet, how exactly does a vegan lifestyle scientifically impact our physiology? Is it really as simple as changing over to a plant-based diet to revitalize your health as portrayed or is there more to it? Given the stressed and polluted environment we live in, there is an increased demand for nutrients to support optimal health. This means an increased need to understand what our individual bodies require and whether the foods we consume has the complimentary nutrition. As such, this seminar aims to shed some information on the benefits, contraindications, and possible solutions on embarking on a plant-based diet.

Gain the WELLNESS approach as a Personal Trainer

Type: Theory

By Marina Pavlenko

This workshop will include a breakdown on how to approach any transformation from a holistic perspective. We will look to approach this by starting with the basics such as behavior change and getting the client to understand their WHY from a deeper level. We will then break down the journey from the start to finish, beginning with is the client ready for the transformation, or do we need to start by simply optimizing the health including building an aerobic base. From there we will delve into programming considerations such as mobility, flexibility, and movement capabilities. We will discuss how to optimize recovery, including HRV, stress management, breathwork, the importance of sleep, and correct nutrition.

The Mythical Core - Myofascial Lumbar Integrity Reimagined

Type: Theory

By Paul Thornley

Traditional academic education on muscular contractions  informs this process happens in isolation and then provides an appropriate force to move a joint or create structural stability thus allowing us to create motion. 


This is the bedrock theory of the muscular skeletal system, backed up by the sliding filament theory which we’re all familiar with. However, this understanding missed out a most important ingredient and essential element of the party…. 

If there is a muscular spindle then there must then be a corresponding Fascial spindle at the same location? 


Where is your Fascia? It is the most ubiquitous tissue within your whole being, it is the environment every cell & system exists & behaves within , having a plethora of roles to perform & interact amongst a symphony of coexisting systems. 


Without doubt one of it’s most influential roles, second only to its relationship with the neurological system must be its relationship with its intertwined muscular system without which neither could exist or function! 


So the question remains, what are you talking about when you cue “ Core” ?