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Andrew Dettelbach & Mike Wasilisin

• Perfecting the Squat

• The 6 Checkpoints for Movement

• Common Mistakes in Common Exercises

• Our Story: How We Got to Where We Are


MoveU Founder

In the year 2000, as just a young lad, Dr. Mike began his 17-year journey in healthcare as a rehab trainer at a chiropractic clinic. 9 years later he earned a bachelors degree in human psychology and a doctorate degree in chiropractic. Afterward, on his pursuit of success for himself and his clients, he found some success, but mostly failures as a sports rehab chiropractor. In 2013, he uncovered his true passion as an educator after creating and instructing a Kinesiology course at California State University to pre-physical therapy students. After working with over 10,000 patients in person, Dr. Mike recognized the pitfalls that existed within the broken healthcare system that caused the majority of patients to fail to achieve the outstanding results they were capable of. It was then that he committed to a higher purpose: inspiring the world to transform pain into a powerful mind and body. The result of the dedicated effort is what you know as MoveU.

Personally, Dr. Mike is a passionate spearfisherman and golfer and also enjoys action sports such as jiu-jitsu, mountain biking, and basket weaving.

MoveU Co-Founder, Program Creator

Andrew was a Kinesiology student at California State University when he became an intern at Dr. Mike’s clinic in 2013. Shortly after that he severely injured his lower back, more specifically he had a 10mm disc herniation at L4/L5. Three surgeons and a bunch of physical therapists and trainers told him that surgery was his only option if he wanted a chance to live a normal life again.

Andrew refused surgery because he believed there was a better option. Dr. Mike tried to help him with adjustments, massage, stretching, and every other therapy, but nothing worked long term. Andrew devoted the next 2 years to rehabbing himself. Through education, trial and error, and deep determination he was able to figure out how to properly position and move his body to heal his pain and prevent re-injury. He is now in the best shape of his life and living with no limitations.

His mission is to help everyone develop the confidence in their body that he has in his own. His knowledge of body mechanics is extensive and his personal experience with overcoming significant injury has been a source of great inspiration to many.

Ben McNamara.jpg

Ben McNamara

  • Head of Education at Theragun 

  • Professional Athlete

Ben is an Australian born professional goalkeeper, currently living in the UK. He has been fortunate enough to work with and against former and current Premier League players, managers and coaches. 

During Ben’s more than decade long career as a professional athlete he has endured some almost career ending injuries and always searched for myofascial release tools to help him activate, recover and relieve pain. 

In April 2018 Ben met the founder and inventor of Theragun, Dr Jason Wersland. Since then he has been working with Theragun to understand protocols in muscle activation, recovery, and pain relief through high-frequency, high-amplitude neuromuscular percussive therapy.

Ben’s role as Head of Education in EMEA is to drive Culture and Education throughout the EU, Middle East and Asia Pacific. 

What differentiates Ben is his ability to balance our goal of creating wide reaching impact, with the humility to start with the one person in-front of him. He believes this is an essential ingredient for anyone creating a recipe to bring about change no matter how big or small. Theragun has been the vehicle which has allowed him to make this a reality.

Ben cares deeply about delivering a better understanding on the origins Theragun has been built on. He embodies our company mission and focuses on building strong relationships.


Oliver Derigs


Oliver is a Physiotherapist, Medical Education Director at RockTape Europe & Asia,
Master Instructor RockTape Global, and has over 20 years competitive Ice Hockey experience.
His sessions will be as follows:
Friday 15 November:
- Myofascial Cupping for the Fitness Pro
- Posture Taping to enhance Athletic Performance
- Is it Voodoo? How to Use RockFloss to Increase Mobility and Improve Movement
Saturday 16 November:
- RockTape Tweak Taping: A Noval Approach to use Kinesiology Tape to Improve Movement and Address Pain
- Floss Band Therapy – Mobility/Motor Control Tool

After his competitive sports career Oliver began to work with professional athletes in the field of rehabilitation and sports specific preparation. With his background as Physiotherapist in Germany, he joined the RockTape Instructor Team 5 years ago. Today Oliver is the RockTape Medical Education Director Europe and Asia to create new education content together with the RockTape Master Instructor Team.
His biggest project is the creation of the RockFloss compression band concepts. All RockTape concepts are introducing a neurological approach to therapy and training to bring people back to movement.


Mike Cummings

  • Senior Manager of Education for Implus Fitness Brands at Implus

Michael has been a professional in the sports and fitness industry for more than 20 years. He has owned and operated gyms, yoga studios and Wellness Centers. He has designed and built the infrastructure for several successful health clubs and wellness centers. He has consulted for many of the industry's top brands on product development, education and programming. He created the sport and fitness training line of products for SKLZ. He has over 50 patents in his name. He consults with governments, Olympic committees, and military.


Michael or “MC” leads the education and programming for SKLZ, TriggerPoint and Harbinger. Michael is married to the love of his life Mrs. Lala Cummings and they have 5 children.


Paul Edmonson

• Squatology 101

• 3D Core Training

• 3DMAPS Fascia

• Assessment & Programming for the Foot/Ankle Complex

• Agile Strength: Harnessing Momentum Using ViPR

Paul is a Fellow of Applied Functional Science having completed the GIFT program in 2012 and its 40-week journey, is CAFS, NG360 GPS and 3DMAPS certified. Having studied under the brilliant guidance of Dr. Gary Gray and Dr. David Tibierio, also the likes of Robert Schleip, Thomas Myers, Michol Dalcourt and Anthony Carey along his journey in movement education and research. He is a former speaker for Anatomy Trains, a current Core-Tex and Power Plate Master Trainer internationally and most recently certified as a Gray Institute Speaker/Educator and Presenter. He has been involved mostly in PT education in the UK for the past 7 years, but now relishes his new role at the Gray Institute teaching the Principles and Applications of Applied Functional Science for Movement Professionals to further enhance their career.

Untitled design.png

Ziga & Gregor

  • Younix

Since 2018, Žiga has been collaborating with Spanish company Younix Project S.L., where he has assumed the role of head of education and business development, and is one of the key consultants for international markets. He regularly cooperates with the Faculty of Sport in Ljubljana, and occasionally presents at workshops and seminars. 


Žiga has 15 years of training experience in strength and conditioning training. He has competed nationally and internationally in kettlebell lifting, weightlifting, and CrossFit, reaching the European CrossFit Regionals on two occasions and winning the national weightlifting title in his weight category on two occasions. 


Žiga is also devoted to coaching and is known for his meticulous approach to programme design, decisiveness and stimulating his clients to achieve a higher level of athletic performance and improve their quality of life. Žiga’s basketball background has seen him train some world-class basketball players (Marko Milic, Radoslav Nesterovic, Boštjan Nachbar, Primož Bezec to name a few NBA players), who were able to extend their careers thanks to his holistic approach to training. 

Gregor opened his own training facility in Ljubljana, Slovenia called Kettlebells Center, where he and his coaching team are training regular clients as well as some of the best athletes in the world of Kettlebell Lifting. 


Beside running his own gym and the EGSA organization, Gregor is also a professional Strength and Conditioning Coach for volleyball club OK Clacit and Slovenian Handball National Team. 


Since 2019, Gregor has been collaborating with Spanish company Younix Project S.L., where he has assumed the role of head education for strength & conditioning training, and is one of the key speakers for international markets. 


He regularly cooperates with the Faculty of Sport in Ljubljana, and occasionally presents at workshops and seminars. Lately, Gregor is focusing on personal training for professional athletes via personal assessment and personal type training regime. 

Gregor is constantly educating himself and he holds various fitness licenses Pilates Coach, Spinning Instructor, Kettebell lifting Master Coach and S&G National Coach. 


Ainsley Rodriguez

  • Fitness Influencer

  • Fitness Educator and Coach 

Ainsley is one of the top influencers on Instagram.

With close to 2 million followers and hundreds of thousands of views on each of her videos, she’s one of the most popular fitness celebrities in the world.

More about Ainsley coming soon! 

Brian Keane.jpg

Brian Keane

  • Best-selling Author

  • Host of #1 Health Podcast 'The Brian Keane Podcast'

  • Professional Speaker

  • Ultra-endurance Athlete

  • Fitness Business Consultant

Brian is an online fitness trainer and the owner of Brian Keane Fitness, a company that serves thousands of people each year through their online fitness programs. Brian works with high performing GAA club and county players to help them improve their sporting performance whilst building the body they want. His BKF90 fat loss and muscle building program specialises in getting people into shape, reducing their anxiety and worry, improving their sleep and energy through nutrition and short high intensity training sessions.

Having played GAA since the age of six, representing Galway at under age level, Brian moved to the UK to work as a primary school teacher before leaving his job to work as a professional fitness model. Brian’s best selling GAA Program is a combination of his 25 + years of playing GAA alongside the training and nutritional strategies that allowed him to travel the world as professional fitness model.

Brian’s #1 rated podcast is now one of the most recognised health and fitness podcasts in the Irish and UK market. His BKF90 program has helped transform the lives and bodies of people from all over the world by increasing energy through educating graduates on nutrition and the benefits of short high intensity training sessions that can be do at home or in the gym.

Dan Duran.JPG

Dan Duran

  • PTA Global Executive Vice President 

  • 20+ Years Industry Expertise

  • Former Director of State Police Academy

Dan is Executive Vice President at PTA Global and has 20+ years experience in training and training management including over five years as a Fitness Director. ⁣

Prior to working in the fitness industry he worked for the state of California for twenty-two years where he managed statewide training for almost 400 law enforcement officers, including being the director and an instructor at a state police academy and adjunct faculty at several colleges.⁣


Ricky Warren

  • BSc, FRCms, PT, SMT

  • Head Coach/Educator BodyweightGurus

“I love all forms of movement. The human body is the most complicated and intelligent machine we know of. We must use its full potential to get the most out of the life we have in it. I've dedicated my life to the study of this."
Ricky has been practising advanced bodyweight movement, yoga and mixed martial arts since 1992, more recently specialising in Calisthenics since 2012.
Having been recognised by the mainstream media/press, the fitness industry and his peers as being one of the top global movement coaches, he works on a variety of projects and media productions with associations, fitness venues and brands including Under Armour, adidas, Men’s Health and more.
His movement school BodyweightGurus qualifies fitness professionals with accredited certifications, whilst he coaches world class and amateur athletes one on one in a variety of skills including biomechanics, mobility and strength. 


Farel Hruska

• Training the Prenatal Athlete

• Prenatal Fitness: Should She or Souldn't She

• Glorious Glutes: For Low Back Pain

• Realign with Resistance Bands

With nearly 20 years’ experience as a personal trainer, group fitness instructor, and educator, Farel Hruska is also a pre & postnatal fitness expert.Hruska worked with FIT4MOM from March 2002-June 2018 as Global Fitness Director and Pre/Postnatal Director. Having been a regular contributor to for her expertise on moms returning to running or starting for the first time after having a baby, Hruska has been featured by numerous press outlets for her fitness expertise, including CNN, New York Times, WebMD, Women's Running Magazine,, and many more. Hruska graduated from Pepperdine University and is the mother of three daughters.


Alexandra Maia

  • Founder House of Social

  • Digital Marketing Expert 

  • Digital Educator

For the past 12 years Alexandra worked her way up from different types of media & creative agencies, but it was being a early adopter of Social Media that has given her a competitive advantage over the years. Her experience in the digital world starts from Portugal to the UK, Middle East and also the South East Asian Market.

Her years in communication arts brought her to establish House Of Social; the Middle East’s most loved social media know-how platform. Her Masterclasses Series have seen more than 100 people attend on each session. She is on a mission to help business & entrepreneurs grow by providing education that can game change how they turn their goals into reality.

She consults, she teaches and she is a content creator on social media where you can find her daily stories with tutorials, a YT channel and a podcast show. Alex is one of the most passionate hybrid social minds of her generation creating an ecosystem of doers, thinkers and creators with House of Social.


Dennis Dunphy

• Co-Founder of Stick Mobility

Co-Founder of Stick Mobility, Dennis travels all over the world educating Fitness Professionals.

"I grew up in Buffalo,NY but have called San Jose,CA my home since 1997. There has always been a love and passion for sports and staying active in my life. I brought that mindset with me when I began working, professionally, in the fitness industry in 1999. My journey has taken me into the world of movement training. I helped create StickMobility in 2014 and launched it in May of 2015. Along with Mitch Taylor and Neal Valera, our mission statement is simple: Movement Made Better."

PHOTO-2019-10-20-09-24-45 2.jpg

Gianna Fae

  • Wellness expert

  • Celebrity Trainer

Gianna Fae is a Celebrity Personal Trainer, certified Holistic Nutrition Coach, Reiki Practitioner, former Bikini Competitor, runner and recipe enthusiast, helping you find balance between mind, body, and spirit.


Fathy Harris

  • MATRIX Fitness

Fathy has vast experience within the industry, he has managed countless Fitness facilities, is certified in a Kettlebells, Personal Training, VIPr, Massage Therapy, MMA, TaeBo, TRX….& so much more! He has literally taken his passion and turned it into his career. ⁣
He’ll be bringing you Matrix Fitness MX4 sessions to the courtyard area this year, where you will:⁣⁣ BUILD functional strength by performing weight-bearing exercises that reflect daily activities⁣⁣
BURN fat and build muscle faster with high-intensity interval training that activates a natural human growth hormone⁣⁣
AUGMENT power with diverse resistance training⁣⁣
REFINE agility with forward, reverse and lateral drills⁣⁣
IMPROVE cardiovascular health with full-body exercise that’s easy on your joints⁣⁣
INCREASE aerobic capacity, strength and endurance with unique upper-body workouts⁣⁣
No matter what your goals, MX4 will help you achieve more with a mix of personal trainer attention, camaraderie and challenging progressive workouts.⁣⁣



  • BURN 60 Studios

Andrew @crushedbyandrew on Instagram from Woodway and FitBench, is joining the MEFIT line up in November! Andrews infamous BURN classes will be available in the Switch DXB room this year and can be booked via the Switch DXB app.

With 15+ years of experience in the fitness industry, training athletes & celebrities and everyone in-between, Andrew has established a cult-like following in the fitness world.
He is known for his sold-out classes, his hardcore “don’t cheat on me” attitude and innovation within his workouts. From mentoring, educating and developing talent, to creating programming for interactive and media/global brand management, to nutrition, to leading workshops, to creating fitness videos, to creating fitness guides, to numerous magazines and press articles, to being an international celebrity instructor, to being a consultant domestically and internationally for top fitness brands and fitness studios, Andrew continues to “push the innovation envelope” in the ever expanding fitness industry.
As the master trainer for Woodway and FitBench, Andrew is excited to crush the Mefit summit this year in Dubai!..sign up for his classes right now!


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